Ilja Panic

Hello there online stranger!

My name is Ilja and I make things on the Web, mostly by typing front-end code and designing information architecture.

I wrote a cover letter at that got me accepted to Copenhagen Business School, later I've turned it into a site to help others study in Denmark. I wrote a bachelor project about Information Design and I'm currently freelancing and teaching people how to make websites.

I'm passionate about human-centred design, technology, urbanism, futurism, online culture and the study of the human mind. People who inspire me the most are Victor Papanek, Alvin Toffler, Peter Morville.

I drink lots of filter coffee, play basketball, read strange books and you can usually find me wired to my laptop banging my head with headphones on.

Get in touch if you'd like to create something together!

Ilja Panic
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